Biography about the life and work of the Mexican artist Rosy Peraza

I was born in the city of Merida, Yucatan in 1977, the city where I currently live.

My approach to art has been since my childhood and in a self-taught way, inheriting the taste for the plastic arts from my father Jose Dolores Peraza Santana, grandson of Don Emilio Santana Leiva, who was a great Sculptor in Mérida, Yuc.

My work has been influenced at first by Impressionism and Expressionism, two of my favorite artists being Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh, using earthy and ocher tones while experimenting with the over-exposed lines, and since I became confident I began the long search for my own pictorial language, being without a doubt the life and work of Pablo Picasso the one that most fascinates me, for being one of the artists who renounced classical painting and the old school, creating his own style among the pictorial trends. Between 2011 and in 2012 I had the opportunity to live in Paris, France, a stay that enjoyed knowing and observing the places that this great artist frequented and where this great artist lived. Without a doubt this was the guideline to start using a palette with bold and vibrant colors that stand out in my plays.

Philosophy of art, for me an artist is a person who is in constant evolution and creation, there is a force that urges me to create and share that creation, pictorial art is a unique and universal language, and colors are expressions of our Inside, in different stages of an artist you can appreciate lapses, sadness, anger, rage, pain, love, and in my philosophy what I want to convey is love, peace and joy, especially happiness, a goal that I have achieved with my works, and without a doubt it is my main mission and path, I always want to paint and create and share my gift with everyone. For me, being an artist who currently lives off his work is rewarding and enriching to the spirit, since it is what feeds the soul.

With my style and vibrant color palette I have represented images of everyday life among which the cultural mix of today stands out, many of the themes that I have taken up are images of my indigenous roots, of Mexican folklore, some are anecdotes or part of my life that I am shaping, because at the end of the day a painter is also a poet.

This is what I want people to keep in my works, a part of the artist, story, feelings and happiness.

Among what stands out from my artistic works is my imagination, all the time I am creating something in my mind even if I do not have a brush and a canvas in hand.

Many of the collectors of my work have let me know that my work attracts them, because of the strength of its colors, because they feel happy, serene, because I manage to transmit emotions, and because of the handling of Mexican themes with a contemporary vision and with vibrant colors in a style of its own.

I have always known what I wanted to do in life, and living from what i like to do and that they value is very significant, I started from a very young age to draw and paint, selling or giving away my first works, there was a period between My 18-25 years that I work in a place that served me as creative experience since I was a landscape designer, in a family business, and this allowed me to do what I love, which is to design and create.

It was from the year 2006 that I quit any job other than dedicating myself to art and began to walk the winding but rewarding path. It has been difficult because I have met people who have criticized my work for going beyond the classical, for renouncing the academic and formal style, I think that art does not have a label, and a specific classification does not allow creators to grow as artists or to be recognized in their own country.

I think that art goes further and we cannot classify it, much less condition it.

For me it has been a very beautiful experience to live from my works and artistic works, and I will continue to do so until the end of my days.

I consider that my work was born like that of many in the beginning alive, with more desire to grow and to continue cultivating to be much better, and I feel satisfied with my achievements. I can see in summary all my stages and I know that I am in the In general, I have enjoyed all the stages and even with the troubles of life and the little faith of people even in my family circle, I have managed to live from art and for art.
My description in 5 words.





Spiritual (not religious)

It has been a journey that I continue to enjoy and the dream continues.
Mexican artist

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