Yucatán at home

Rosy Peraza interview by writer Joanna Van Der Gratch

Many thanks to the magazine: Yucatan at home for the fabulous article they published and many thanks to the excellent writer Joanna van der Gracht who drew my essence with her lyrics, and thanks to my friend Mary Elizabeth Walberg for the photos, I feel very proud and grateful.

Here are the places where you can find the magazines.

-Santa Lucía / Between the lines book store
C. 62 x 63

-Santana / Casa Borjas café
C. 66 x 47 a

-Santiago / La epicure Boutique gourmet
C. 59 # 573 X 72 Y 74

-García Gineres / Nuup collective gallery / TAKTO design
C.35 # 526 Av.Reforma

-Bullpen / chelem
C. 19 x 28

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