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History and artistic chronology of Rosy Peraza

Rosy Peraza was born on May 9, 1977, in the city of Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.

Since childhood and encouraged by his father who is the grandson of the sculptor Emilio Santana, Don Jose Peraza Peraza Father of Rosy was the first guide and teacher sensitizes in the art world to the Mexican artist Rosy Peraza.

Always with the concern of creating at the end of their higher education, study at the College of Fine Arts in his hometown merida, yucatan getting their first recognition as an artist in 2006.
From this year Rosy Peraza began to make presentations with different groups in the city of Merida, Yucatan and other cities in southeastern Mexico.

Rosy Peraza has participated in more than a thousand exhibitions of street art having direct contact with an international audience in places where it was presented, so that his artistic work have acquired alrrededor people around the world.

This Mexican artist, has participated in various group exhibitions in different art galleries.

Hotel Zonas Arqueologicas de uxmal,yucatan

Solo Art exhibition 2008.

Buctzotz 2009 collective art exhibition.

Centro Cultural Merida,yuc.collective art exhibition 2010

Namaste Grill ,merida,yucatan 2010 individual art exhibition.

Centro Cultural de Progreso,yucatan collective art exhibition 2011.

Chelem,yucatan Individual art exhibition 2011

Paris,francia 2011- 2012, A few months to live 10 minutes from montmartre was enriching for my art work.

Hotel El Zocalo Merida, Yucatan 2012 for his private collection acquired 50 original works of Rosy Peraza.
Has several individual art exhibitions in restaurants, cafes and galleries of his hometown.

Hotel Casa Rosa,chelem,yucatan 2013

Festival Gypsy Market 2010-2016

Restaurant Maasai Maya 2013

Restaurant Lizard Joe’s 2013

2014 Participación en el proceso de selección de artistas visuales por Conaculta para el programa de aforo cultural plataforma Cero Uno.

Cafe & restaurant Bistro cultural 2014

Restaurant Bull Pen,chelem,yucatan Individual art exhibition 2015-2016

English library 2016, individual art exhibition,merida,yucatan.

Festival Natural Thangs,chuburna,yucatan 2014-2016

With use of color and his own style Rosy Peraza has become several walls of the city where real works of art, many of these murals are in restaurants, hotels and private art collectors live.

Aware of their own language and means of pictorial expression, Rosy Peraza, continues painting inspired by their roots and Mexican culture works, many of the reasons you’ll find his paintings are characters or figures with a cubist style, it has also been tipped for style impressionist, and has managed to recreate part of their world and imagination of the way this artist lives life full of color.

Art Gallery “La casa Azul de Rosa”


2017 Rosy Peraza opens her first gallery and studio “La casa Azul de Rosa” in the Barrio de Santiago in Mérida yucatan, a space that she keeps open until now (2021

Art Gallery “La casa Azul de Rosa”Open since 2017.

2018 Mural en la casona de la 66, centro histórico de la ciudad de Mérida.

2019 Exposicion en la noche Blanca en la galería de la Casa Jure, Paseo de Montejo en Mérida.

2020 Covid 19 season

Durante el inesperado virus que fue de alcance mundial, La artista se mantuvo en su estudio creando una serie de obras, y también creando murales para una de sus coleccionistas de arte privados.

Creación del mural “Cosmovisión Maya” en la cafetería café del sol, frente al parque de Santana.

2021 Exposicion colectiva en la galería, Que onda, café, en Chelem Chuburna.

2021 exposición colectiva de Catrinas, en la galería 64.53 en Mérida yucatan

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